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At Dekkon we adapt to the needs of professionals with customized orders, unlimited pre-order units, special deliveries... Whether you are an interior designer or architect or a business looking for the perfect furniture for your space, in Dekkon we have the solution.


Artisans, designers and factory workers


Product References and Variants


Years in the Furniture Industry

Real Business. Real Furniture.

Business Owners, Interior Designers, Architects... The range of professionals that trust Dekkon for their projects is wide. They have one common thing: the care about design. Real business, Real Furniture.


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We are adding new benefits for pros, take a look to our special conditions and contact our team if you need more info.

tailor made

We offer tailor made options for big quantity orders. Customize the color or fabric of your product.


We can produce as many units as you need with our pre-order service. You order, we produce.

Special Support

Our team will follow your order and give you recommendations about how to manage the shipping.

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